1st Word: Father, Forgive Them


Holy Week Reflections

It has become a popular tradition for Churches to reflect on Good Friday on the Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, “there was never a sermon like the seven last words.” This year, I was blessed to give one of the reflections for the ministry of fellow classmate and friend Raj Derivera of the Diocese of Sacramento. I will post links to video’s made as this Holy Week progresses. Have you all have a Blessed Holy Week and Fruitful Triddum. May these words of inspiration bring you to the foot of the Cross and follow through to the empty tomb on Sunday Morning. God Bless you all. Here is a link to the “Be the Straw” Ministry Website: http://blog.bethestraw.org/

Pathway’s to Ministry

As part of our Pastoral Counseling Class here at the Seminary, we were asked to make a “pathway” of our Vocation to the Priesthood. Above is mine. There are important dates in there but more importantly, the people who have been with me in this pathway. I couldn’t do it without there love and support. God Bless you all!

Some thoughts on the Feast of The Baptism of the Lord

Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism, bringing to a close the Christmas Season. By Jesus baptism in the Jordan River the Holy Trinity is revealed and open to us the heavens and welcomes us to be co-heirs in his divinity. The Word made flesh dwells among us in order that we may dwell with him. Thus then, we reflect on our own day of Baptism, where our new life in Christ began and we strive to live “Christ-like” or “Christian” and with hope and confidence that one day the Heavens will open up and we hear the words “This is my beloved…in whom I am well pleased.”baptlord

Christmas: Faith, Family, Tradition(s)


Venite Adoremus!

As I reflect on this Christmas break my last night here on Kauai, I cannot help but think about what Christmas is truly all about. It’s about the Birth of Jesus and to go deeper about the Word becoming Flesh which will lead to our own Salvation and it’s about family. This Christmas was a very special one (every Christmas is special) but this one took the cake. 

It’s been years since I personally had the “Christmas Spirit.” The past several years were spent being wrapped up in final exams and getting home a few days before Christmas and leaving immediately after the New Years. It felt like there really was no rest, relaxation, or even time to get into the Spirit. This year thankfully we were given a very long and I think well deserved break. Just short of one month and in this month I was able to prepare my heart, soul, mind, and body for what Christmas truly is. 

Some highlights of this break for me is the Annual Misa de Gallo Novena, a quick trip to Oahu to visit family and friends and serving at the Various Christmas and Holy Day Masses, and a New Year’s Eve to remember.


As many of you know, I really enjoy New Years Eve. This is because it is more relaxed and casual then Christmas Eve. I get to cook our traditional meals and spend time with the ones I love most. This year, we celebrated with the Resinto side of the family. It had been years since we are all together for New Years and we had a blast! Food, Dancing, Reminiscing of old times, and making new memories.


Resinto Cousins all grown up! New Years 2013




I couldn’t have asked fora better Christmas and I was surely blessed with many grace for which I am eternally grateful for. It is important this time of year to be grateful for the Salvation given to us through the Birth of the Word and also for the gift of family and friends. Christmas: Faith, Family, Tradition. Merry Christmas to all! 


Saying Farewell to Sister Florence


Hanging out with the Immaculate Conception Youth Group


Lunch with Saint Raphael Ohana





Resinto Family Picture 2012

From my Island Home to yours A Blessed, Prosperous, and Healthy 2013 to all!!!